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[Step by Step] Delete users in Power Platform (Preview)

December 23, 2022 2 comments

In this article, lets learn how to delete users in Power Platform which is a preview feature, at the time of writing this article.

Before we jump in to deletion of a User, lets understand the basics like how we first create a new User in Microsoft 365 admin center and sync the User to Power Platform.

Steps to add User to Power Platform Environment:

  • Users first need to be created in Microsoft 365 admin center.
  • In below screen, I’ve created a new User (i.e., ‘Demo User’) in Microsoft 365 admin center and added Licenses.

Now that we know how to add a User to Power Platform environment, lets learn how to delete the User.

Steps to Delete User (Soft Delete) :

  • Please note that this deletion is soft deletion which means you can still restore the User up to 30 days after you delete them.
  • Click on ‘Delete user’ and you get following confirmation.
  • Now lets see what happens to the ‘Demo User’ which got added in ‘Power Platform’.
  • Go to Power Platform admin center
  • Open the Environment and click on ‘Users’.
  • Select the User and click on ‘Run diagnostics’.
  • In the ‘Diagnostics’ screen you would see the status of the User as ‘Disabled’.
  • So, when a user is deleted from the Microsoft 365 admin center, the user isn’t removed from environments in which they’re active. Instead, the user’s status is set to Disabled in Power Platform.

Delete users in Power Platform (preview):

As noticed in above steps, Users can only be ‘Disabled’ in ‘Power Platform’ but not be deleted.

Lets learn how to delete the ‘Disabled’ Users using the new ‘Delete disabled users’ feature.

  • Under Product -> Features, enable ‘Delete disabled users (preview)’ feature.
  • Select the User (i.e., Demo User) which got Soft Deleted previously.
  • Click on ‘Delete permanently’.
  • At this point User gets permanently deleted from Active Directory but still be in ‘Disabled’ state in ‘Power Platform’.
  • To delete the User from ‘Power Platform, go to Power Platform admin center
  • Open the Environment and click on ‘Users’.
  • From the ‘Filter’ select ‘Users not in AAD but exists in the environment’ view.
  • You will find the ‘Demo User’ as this user got deleted permanently from Azure Active Directory (AAD) but not deleted from Power Platform.
  • Open the ‘Demo User’ and click on ‘Delete User’.
  • You will get a confirmation box as shown below. Click ‘Delete’ which deletes the User from ‘Power Platform’.
  • That’s all needed.

Please refer this docs for more details.