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Sitemap “Settings groups” display as “Unknown” after an upgrade from CRM 4.0 to CRM 2011

Sitemap Upgrade Errors


Recently when i did an upgrade from CRM 4.0 to CRM 2011 by restoring CRM 4.0 DB, I got “Settings groups” display as “Unknown” (Refer image above)

– To fix this issue we have to modify the “Sitemap” by exporting it in a solution, and follow below steps

  • Open the “customizations.xml” file in text editor by extracting the solution zip folder
  • Replace <Group Id=”Business_Setting”> with <Group Id=”Business_Setting” ResourceId=”Menu_Label_Business” DescriptionResourceId=”Menu_Label_Business”>
  • Replace <Group Id=”System_Setting”> with <Group Id=”System_Setting” ResourceId=”Menu_Label_System” DescriptionResourceId=”Menu_Label_System”>
  • Replace <Group Id=”Customizations”> with <Group Id=”Customizations” ResourceId=”Homepage_SystemCustomization” DescriptionResourceId=”Homepage_SystemCustomization”>
  • Replace <Group Id=”ProcessCenter”> with <Group Id=”ProcessCenter” ResourceId=”Menu_Label_ProcessCenter”
  • Import the solution and publish

– Please refer for more details.