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Reading the GUID of record from CRM form URL

February 9, 2012 2 comments


Below are the steps to get the GUID of record from CRM form URL.

  • In the form ribbon, click on Copy a Link button in the Collaborate group.
Copy Link

Copy Link

  • Paste the URL on notepad.
  • The ‘id’ parameter in the copied URL contains the encoded id value for the record.
  • The brackets in the actual GUID “{” and “}” will be substituted with “%7B” and “%7D”, respectively.
    • (i.e., Guid “{899D4FCF-F4D3-E011-9D26-00155DBA3819}”, comes as id=%7b 899D4FCF-F4D3-E011-9D26-00155DBA3819 %7d)

For example, in the below copied URL


The GUID is-  899D4FCF-F4D3-E011-9D26-00155DBA3819.

Hope it helps 🙂