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Command bar – CRM 2013

February 18, 2014 Leave a comment

In CRM 2013, there is a major face-lift to the UI like no Navigation Bar, No conventional ribbons and introduction of ‘Command Bar’.

Below are few points about CRM 2013 Command Bar

  • The Ribbon Bar is still exists in CRM 2013, on non ‘refreshed’ entity Forms such as Connection Form and Price List Form, and is still present on all home list view grids in Outlook client.
  • Command Bar shows 5 controls at any one time before they are added to the ‘overflow’ section.
  • Command Bar does not display ‘Disabled’ controls instead they will come in ‘overflow’ section.
Command Bar

Command Bar

CommandClientTypeRule Display Rule

  • There is a new display rule CommandClientTypeRule determines the visibility of a control on the command bar.
  • Controls will be displayed on the Command Bar, if
    • Associated Command has no CommandClientTypeRule Display Rules
    • If it has a CommandClientTypeRule with Type=Refresh
  • ‘Type’ property has the following values:
    • Modern – Control is visible in the Tablet client
    • Refresh –  Control is visible in the Command Bar
    • Legacy   –  Control is visible on ribbons of non-refresh entities or in list views presented in Microsoft Outlook.