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Power Platform | Collaboration feature in model-driven apps

Collaboration feature in model-driven apps, help fusion teams work together to build model-driven apps.

Collaboration comes with 3 features

  • Add comments
  • Copresence
  • Coauthoring (preview)

In this article, I will provide high level details about all the 3 collaboration features. Lets start with enabling the collaboration feature.

Enabling Collaboration in an Environment:

By default, most Power Platform environments have coauthoring enabled by default.

You can enable the feature, from the Power Platform admin center

  • Open the ‘Environment’.
  • Go to Settings -> Collaboration and choose the options.

For this demo, I am going to use following 2 users in my Environment.

Now that we’ve enabled the Collaboration feature at the environment level and have 2 users to test, lets go through the features.

Add comments

  • Comments are notes that are associated with items in your app.
  • Below is an example, providing comments for ‘Main’ group area in my App by 2 users.

  • Comments are stored in a Comment table in Dataverse in the default solution.
  • You can edit your comments or remove existing comments from appearing in the app.
  • You can resolve, or reopen a resolved, comment thread to better track the active comments.
  • Comments in model-driven apps can’t be exported or imported as solution components.
  • You can, however export the Comment table to Excel and then import the Excel file into the environment you want


  • Copresence allows you to find who’s working on an app at the same time.
  • There may be a delay up to 20 seconds between when new members join the app and when you see their presence and location.
  • There may also be a delay up to one minute between when someone saves a change and when you get a notification about the change
  • Instead of copresence, your environment may have coauthoring enabled, which allows app change merges to occur in real-time with seamless collaboration.

Coauthoring (preview):

  • Coauthoring allows multiple makers—whether pro or citizen developers—to make changes to the app at the same time and see those changes in real time.
  • Refer this link to know what you can coauthor in an app.