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Azure Web Deploy – Time out errors

September 10, 2017 Leave a comment

Recently when we were trying to publish a web site to Azure ‘Deployment Slot’ using Visual Studio “Web Deploy” option, we encountered either Time out exception or VS hung after few files push.

Azure - Web Deploy - Visual Studio

Reason for this exception could be due to the enormous transactions on main (Prod) web app of the ‘Deployment Slot’.

Work around:

  • We found a work around by using Drag and Drop feature of Kudu service deploying to wwwroot folder directly.


  • Publish the web site to your machines local drive

Publish Website - Local drive

  • ZIP the files (***You must select all the files and Zip it; Don’t zip the folder)

Publish Website - Zip folder

  • Open the Deployment Slot’s Kudu Service (Go to ‘Advanced Tools’ -> Go)

Web App - Advanced Tools

  • On the Kudu page, navigate to Home -> site -> wwwroot
  • Drag and drop the zipped folder of your published web site.

Kudu wwwroot - Drag and Drop

  • Wait for the process to complete publish.


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Access and Edit Web App files hosted in Azure

January 26, 2017 Leave a comment

I have an Asp.Net Web application hosted as a Web App in my Azure instance.

One of the requirement I frequently get is to view or edit the published ‘Web App’ files from Azure Portal.


As we cannot access the ‘Web App’ files from Azure portal, one of the simpler way to access the files is by using the Visual Studio ‘Server Explorer’.

  • From the Visual Studio, open the ‘Server Explorer’ window


  • Connect to the Azure Subscription
  • Select the Web App under ‘App Services’ node and access the files.



  • You need to have Azure SDK 2.7 installed.
  • Visual studio 2013 or higher version.


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‘Publish Web’ option not showing up existing Azure Web Apps – Visual Studio 2015

December 7, 2016 Leave a comment

I am using VS 2015 to publish my web application to one of my Azure web apps.

But all sudden the “Publish Web” window was not listing the existing web apps.

Not listing existing web apps

Not listing existing web apps


  • Install latest Microsoft Azure SDK 2.9.6 for VS 2015 (Download)
  • You can also use ‘Microsoft Web Platform Installer’ for installation.
Install azure SDK 2.9.6

Install azure SDK 2.9.6

  • Open the VS 2015 and choose ‘Publish’ and you would get existing web apps listed.



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‘The given share name\prefix is not a valid name’ error – Azure ‘New-AzureStorageShare’ command

Other day, while I was creating a shared location in Azure using Azure Power Shell cmdlets, I got below error

The given share name/prefix ” is not a valid name for a file share of Microsoft Azure File Service

share name/prefix is not a valid name

share name/prefix is not a valid name


  • “New-AzureStorageShare” command accepts share name only in lower case.


  • Update the command $s = New-AzureStorageShare “telcoip” -Context $ctx

Refer this Create shared drive using azure  article on steps to share a location in Azure.