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Power Apps Studio | Authoring Version

Have you ever encountered a scenario where the most recent features are absent from your PowerApps Studio when developing a Canvas App?

The most possible reason for missing features is that “Power Apps is not available in all regions at once. Instead, each version is made available incrementally in different regions of the world”.

For example, I was looking for ‘AllItemsCount’ property of Gallery control which was introduced in 3.23051 version. If your Power Apps studio is on lower version, you would not get that property.

In this article, let’s explore ‘Authoring Version’, which determine the features accessible within the studio.

How do you know which version you are on?

  • From your Canvas app, click on ‘Settings’.
  • Under ‘Support’ tab, you will find the ‘Authoring Version’ section.
  • To change the version, click on ‘Edit’ and choose the version you would want to go with.
  • Click on ‘Reload + apply version’.

How to get list of features or fixes part of the version:

  • You can find all Power Apps release versions from here.
  • To get Power Apps Studio specific release versions, click here.
  • Click on version link as highlighted below to know about features or fixes released part of the version.
  • For example, clicking on 3.23051 link will take you to following screen.