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File name ABC.pdf is invalid – error while creating attachment programmatically

The other day I was getting “Invalid file name” error when I try to create an attachment with .pdf file and associating to Email, in my plug-in. (link)


  • Reason was “pdf” was added as blocked file extension for attachments in my CRM organization.

Fix :-

  • Go to “Settings -> Administration -> System Settings”
  • Remove pdf from “Blocked file extension for attachment”
Blocked file extensions

Blocked file extensions

  • Click ‘OK’


Adding file as “Attachment” to activities programmatically in plug-in


We can add file as attachment and associate to the CRM objects i.e., Email, Task etc…

Email with attachment

Email with .pdf file as attachment

The entity that store attachment information is “activitymimeattachment”

Below is the code snippet to add “.pdf” file as attachment to the Email activity

Entity attachment = new Entity(“activitymimeattachment”);

attachment[“subject”] = “My Subject”;

string fileName = “Sample.pdf”;

attachment[“filename”] = fileName;

byte[] fileStream= = new byte[] { }; //Set file stream bytes

attachment[“body”] = Convert.ToBase64String(fileStream);

attachment[“mimetype”] = “text/plain”;

attachment[“attachmentnumber”] = 1;

Guid emailId; //GUID of Email activity

attachment[“objectid”] = new EntityReference(“email”, emailId);

attachment[“objecttypecode”] = “email”;

IOrganizationService service;


Note :-

  • In the above code the property “objecttypecode” is slight misleading, as it expects “EntityLogicalName” rather than “EntityTypeCode”
  • So make sure to set  attachment[“objecttypecode”] = EntityLogicalName (i.e., email)