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Dependent Assembly plug-ins| Asynchronous mode error | Expected non-empty Guid

October 28, 2022 1 comment

In one of my previous articles, I’ve explained about Dependent Assembly plug-ins using which multiple assemblies/nuget packages can be seamlessly used in a single plugin assembly.

While exploring further, I’ve noticed a behavior (Issue) that if you register plugin in ‘Asynchronous’ mode, the ‘System Job’ is failing immediately with “Expected non-empty Guid.” error.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create a plugin project using ‘pac plugin init’ (Steps specified here).
  • Add a simple plugin class with just a tracing message.
  • Register the plugin package and a new plugin step in ‘Asynchronous’ mode.
  • As, I’ve registered the plugin on ‘PostAccountCreate’, I went ahead and created a new Account record.
  • Since its ‘Asynchronous’ plugin, checked ‘System Job’ which failed with “Expected non-empty Guid” exception.