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“Add Existing” button is missing from associated view ribbon – Reason & Fix

October 27, 2012 2 comments

We get “Add Existing” button when you have relationship between 2 entities and when you select “Associated View” or “Sub grid” of child entity.

Consider this scenario

  • I have 2 custom entities in my system
    • Policy Holder
    • Policy
  • I have 1:N relationship between Policy Holder & Policy (i.e., #1 ‘Policy Holder’ can have #N ‘Policies’)
  • I have added  a sub grid with name “Whole life Policies”  of “Policies” entity, on my “Policy holder” form
  • When I select sub grid “Whole life Policies”  of “Policies” entity, I get both “Add New Policy” & “Add Existing Policy” buttons on my ribbon
Sub Grid with Add existing button

Sub Grid with Add existing button

P.S. The availability of “Add Existing” button depends on “Requirement Level” property of “Relationship”

  • Going back to the scenario, when I open Relationship form of “Policy Holder” & “Policy”, the “Requirement Level” chosen as “No Constraint”
Requirement level - No constraint

Requirement level – No constraint

  • That’s why I had “Add Existing Policy” button when I chose Policy Sub grid on “Policy Holder” form

“Add Existing” button will go off if I set “Requirement Level” property to “Business Required”

  • Now let me change “Requirement Level” to “Business Required” on Relationship form


Requirement Level - Business Required

Requirement Level – Business Required


  • Save & Publish
  • Now I don’t get “Add Existing Policy” button when I chose Policy Sub grid on “Policy Holder” form
No Add existing button

No Add existing button

Take aways :-

  • So this is one way of hiding “Add Existing” button by making  “Requirement Level” to “No Constraint” on Relationship customization.
  • You can also hide the “Add Existing” button by using Ribbon Customizations.