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Access denied error while updating user’s “domain name” field

We have few existing users in our CRM application which we wanted to change the “Domain name”.

Users Domain Name (i.e., User Name field)

Users Domain Name (i.e., ‘User Name’ field)

Also we wanted this update to be done by a User who is not a “System administrator”.

We were getting below exception for few users, when we try to update the domain name of  User record.

Access is denied; Unable to get DNS Name of Domain

Troubleshoot steps

  • Since the logged in user was not “System Administrator”, we thought there was some missing privilege preventing the user to change the domain name
  • But at the same time “System Administrator” is able to update domain name successfully
  • So we tried a trick by copying “System Administrator” role and created a new role and assigned the role to user and tried
  • Still we were getting same exception with copy of “System Administrator” role


  • The reason was “System administrator” role will be having some hidden privileges (Which are not available on Security role form)
  • So the System Administrator role in order to make changes to the logon name.

Below articles helped me to understand the problem


Access denied error on closing of Appointment in CRM 2011

September 17, 2012 Leave a comment

Recently when I configured my CRM application with “https” binding, I was getting the “Access Denied” exception while closing the appointment activity

Access Denied

Access Denied on Closing Appointment

When I check the event viewer I had below “INVALID_WRPC_TOKEN” exception

Microsoft.Crm.CrmException: INVALID_WRPC_TOKEN: Validate WRPC Token: WRPCTokenState=Invalid

When I try to find the reason for the issue I came to know that it’s a known issue with CRM 2011 UR 6.

Workaround :-

  • We can disable the CRM token checks via Registry change
  • Here is my previous article which explains how to make the registry change

Here is post on MSCRM forum