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Denote an Unsaved record in a Session – USD

We got a requirement to denote an unsaved record with * in a session.

Below is the scenario.

  • User opens an Account record in USD
  • USD opens a new Account Session
  • User clicks ‘Create Task’ link from Agent Script.
  • System should display * on ‘Task’ Tab until it gets Saved.
USD - Unsaved Task

USD – Unsaved Task

It’s very easy to achieve using ‘Scriptlet’.

Add a Scriptlet “SetTaskTitle” and set to the hosted control’s Display name (i.e., [[$Scriptlet.SetTaskTitle]] )

USD - Using Scriptlet To Set Display Name

In the “SetTaskTitle” Scriptlet

  • if Task.Subject == “”
    • Set DisplayName=”Task *”
  • Else
    • Set DisplayName=”Task.Subject”
USD - Scriptlet

USD – Scriptlet

Script Text:

function SetTaskTitle() {
if (“[[task.subject]+]” != “”) {
return “[[task.subject]+]”;
return “Task *”;

Once the Task gets Saved, Tab name changes to ‘Task.Subject’

USD - Saved Task

USD – Saved Task


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Create an Incoming Phone Call Activity when a Call received from CTI – USD

August 27, 2016 1 comment

In one of our requirement, we had to create a new “Incoming Phone Call” activity against the calling ‘Contact’, whenever a call received.

USD - Incoming Phone Call Created

USD – Incoming Phone Call Created

In this article, I am using “CTI Simulator” (Download) to generate an incoming call.

Refer MSDN article contains a Walkthrough on how to

  • Catch the phone call (Triggered from Simulator)
  • Search ‘Contacts’ in CRM with the ‘Phone number’
  • If match found, open the ‘Contact’ in USD.

Open Calling Contact Record in USD

  • In USD configurations in CRM, create a “Windows Navigation Rule”, to open a ‘Contact’ record, if there is a Contact with incoming phone number.

USD - Nav Rule To Open Contact On Incoming Call

  • In the Action Call “Show tab for Contact”, we set focus on ‘Contact’ which was opened in USD.
USD - Focus on Contact Tab

USD – Focus on Contact Tab

Create Phone Call Activity

  • Now coming back to our requirement, we need to create an “Incoming Phone Call” for the matched ‘Contact’, which got opened in USD.
  • To achieve this, create a Sub Action Call “AC Create Contact Inbound Phone call”, under “Show tab for Contact”.
USD - Sub Action Call To Create Phone Call

USD – Sub Action Call To Create Phone Call

  • In “AC Create Contact Inbound Phone call”, define a “CreateAction” to create “Phone Call” copying information from “Contact”.
USD - Create Phone Call

USD – Create Phone Call

  • Data:

subject=Inbound Phonecall to [[$User.fullname]]

  • The ‘AC Create Contact Inbound Phone call‘ action call triggers after ‘Show tab for Contact‘ and a new ‘Phone Call’ gets created.
USD - Created Incoming Phone Call

USD – Created Incoming Phone Call


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Set Regarding Lookup and open a new Task form – USD

I was exploring USD and tried below scenario.

From a new Account Session

  • Add a ‘Create Task’ Agent Script Answer.
  • On click, open Task form in a new Tab, pre-populated with ‘Regarding’ lookup with Account.
Set Regarding Lookup

Set Regarding Lookup

I had a tough time to set ‘Regarding’ look up with ‘Customer’ using ‘New_CRM_Page’ UII Action.

I could achieve with ‘Navigate’ UII Action.

Navigate To Task

Navigate To Task

In the URL, I read Account details from Context and set

  • regardingobjectid = Account GUID
  • regardingobjectidname = Account Name
  • regardingobjecttypecode = Schema Name





Exclude “navbar=off&cmdbar=false” from URL, if you want CRM tool bar on the new ‘Task’ form.


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