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Intermittent 404 error while accessing F5 load balanced CRM

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We recently configured F5 load balancer with 2 CRM application servers and deployed our build.

Within no time we started getting “404 Not Found” randomly while navigating with in the CRM application and up on refresh CRM screen loading properly.

Reason and Fix

  • In one of the 2 CRM application servers, CRM website running on different port other than 80.
  • So, when request made from load balancer to the wrongly bind CRM server, it was looking for CRM website from port 80 which was not available.
  • Up on refresh, if Load Balancer connects to the Application server with CRM on 80 port, its showing up.
  • We corrected CRM application port binding to 80 to fix the issue.


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Script error with navigate() statement while navigate between forms – CRM Jscript

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We have a Custom entity with 3 forms and the requirement is to navigate to a different form based on a field value .

So we registered a script on form ‘load’ event to navigate to a specific form based on an option set value.

Navigation worked as expected except few user’s that too when application should take User to ‘Form 2’.

Reason and Fix

  • We configured new Security Roles recently.
  • Our forms were role based and we missed enabling newly added “Security Role” for ‘Form 2’.
Role Based Forms - Account

Role Based Forms Screen

  • By enabling newly added Security Role for ‘Form 2’ script started working.


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Error initializing component with element id=’xxxx’ and with type=’null’: Object doesn’t support this action – CRM

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Recently we configured F5 load balancer and from then we were frequently getting Script Error Notifications while navigating in CRM application.

In error report there is below content




<Message>Error initializing component with element id=’xxxx’ and with type=’null’: Object doesn’t support this action</Message>


  • ‘Anonymous Authentication’ has been disabled for one of the CRM application in NLB.
  • CRM authenticates once for the session and then uses ‘Anonymous’ access to load the components like web resources,Notifications etc. Hence its required to enable Anonymous Authentication.


  • Enable ‘Anonymous Authentication’ and reset the IIS.
Anonymous Authentication Enabled

Anonymous Authentication Enabled


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