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‘Saved’ event not triggering on ‘CRM Page’ hosted control – USD

April 13, 2015 2 comments

We have an Account form hosted in ‘CRM Page’ hosted control on USD. We got a requirement to navigate another page on CRM form Save event.

Below are the steps I initially followed

  • Created a new Hosted Control of type ‘CRM Page’
CRM Page Hosted Control

CRM Page Hosted Control

  • Go to ‘Events’ from Command Bar and open ‘Saved’ event
Saved event - Hosted Control

Saved event – Hosted Control

  • On ‘Saved’ event of Hosted Control, added a new ‘Action’ to Navigate to Bing
Navigate Action

Navigate Action

  • Save and close
  • Open the USD and open ‘Account’ record

But the ‘Saved’ event did not trigger when I click Save button from CRM page.


  • Looks like this is known issue with my USD version (Got fixed in latest USD version)


To fix this, below are workaround steps to hook the ‘Saved’ event to CRM hosted control.

  • Open ‘PageLoadComplete’ event of Hosted Control
PageLoadComplete Event

PageLoadComplete Event

  • Create a new ‘Action Call’
    • Action : ExecutionTimeout (Note : Create a new UII action if you can’t find ExecutionTimeout)
    • Data : milliseconds=6000
ExecutionOnTimeout Action Call

ExecutionOnTimeout Action Call

  • Create a new ‘Sub Action Call’
Sub Action Call

Sub Action Call

  • Add below Script using ‘RunXrmCommand’ Action

Script :

function hookSavedEvent(execContext)

{“http://event/?eventname=Saved”); // notify USD of save

setTimeout(“top.ScanForData();”, 4000);


// Add ‘hookSavedEvent’ to Save event of CRM form;

Register Script Action

Register Script Action

  • Save & Close the forms
  • Close and reopen the USD client application to test the behavior now
  • Open ‘Account’ form, click on ‘Save’
USD CRM Form Save Action

USD CRM Form Save Action

  • We get a new tab with Bing page
USD - Navigated To Bing Page on Save

USD – Navigated To Bing Page on Save


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How to change Organization in Unified Service Desk (USD) Logon application

We can switch to other Organizations from “USD Logon Application” as below.

  • While launching the ‘USD Logon application’, before it loads, click on ‘Change Credentials’ link
USD - Change Organization

USD – Change Organization

  • Now you get USD Login screen as below. Provide the Organization details you would like to connect
USD - Login Details

USD – Login Details


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Issues faced while setting up outlook client – CRM 2015

I recently started working on migration project CRM 2011 to 2015.

In this article I am going to focus various issues I encountered during Organization configuration on  Outlook client.

Issues faced with installation

First to go with, I had issues while installing the software. Below are logs from event viewer and logs.

  • Error from installation log: Installation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook failed. Exit code: 1603. Result: Fatal error during installation
  • Error from Event Viewer: Product: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 for Microsoft Office Outlook — Error 1309. Error reading from file: ..\PFiles\MSCRM\Client\res\web\_static\_forms\accessprivilegebehavior.js. System error 3.  Verify that the file exists and that you can access it.

Fix :

  • We should clear failed installation components from the system before we proceed with installation, which include Registry Entries and installed software’s from ‘Control Panel’ (Refer answer from this post)
  • Regarding missing “\_forms\accessprivilegebehavior.js” file error, I had to re-download the CRM 2015 Outlook Client from here 
  • Make sure you download correct version (X64 or X36) based on your machine OS version.

Issues faced while configuring organization

Data Encryption feature not activated

  • I got below error with message “There are encrypted fields in the organization database, but the data encryption feature isn’t activated. Contact your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system administrator to activate data encryption. To activate, go to System Settings > Data Management > Data Encryption”
Data Encryption Feature Not Activated

Data Encryption Feature Not Activated


  • As mine was upgraded project, when we restore/import a database, data encryption is disabled by default, even if it was enabled in the system we took a backup from.
  • This is because the encryption settings are stored in the Configuration database, so the .bak file does not contain these settings


  • As error message suggests we need to activate data encryption in CRM application “System Settings > Data Management > Data Encryption”
  • But when I opened I got another error ‘Enable the HTTPS protocol and try again’.
HTTPS protocol is required

HTTPS protocol is required

  • But I cannot enable HTTPS immediately so the workaround is set ‘DisableSSLCheckForEncryption’ to True (1) in CRM
Query - Disable SSL Check

Query – Disable SSL Check

 UPDATE DeploymentProperties
SET BitColumn = 1
ColumnName = ‘DisableSSLCheckForEncryption’

  • After setting “DisableSSLCheckForEncryption” to 1 using query, come back to ‘Data Encryption’ window and provide any 10 digit key as ‘Encryption Key’ and click ‘Activate’
Provide Encryption Key and Activate

Provide Encryption Key and Activate

  • Note : If current user is not part of ‘PrivUserGroup’ we would get below error. Make sure you add the User to ‘PrivUserGroup’ in Active Directory.
Error if User not part of 'PrivUserGroup'

Error if User not part of ‘PrivUserGroup’

SQL Timeout Error while setting up Organization

  • Since mine was upgraded project which is huge is in size I got SQL time out error while configuring organization using ‘Configuration Wizard’


Set OLEDBTimeout Reg Key

Set OLEDBTimeout Reg Key

Please do post if you face any other issues.


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