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Auto generate new GUID for ‘uniqueidentifier’ column in SQL Table

June 30, 2014 1 comment

If you a have a column of type ‘uniqueidentifier’ in your SQL table, and you want to auto generate a new Guid every time when you insert a record, you can use the ‘Default Value or Binding’ property of ‘Column Properties’.

Set Default Value or Binding = newid()

uniqueidentifier Column

uniqueidentifier Column


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SQL Query to fetch top 1 record from each group

I have a SQL table ‘Market’ with 3 Groups (i.e., Fruits, Vegetable and Meat) and below is the data

SQL Table - Market

SQL Table – Market


My requirement is

  • From each group fetch the top 1 item by ‘Priority’ column (i.e., Priority = 1) like below
Name Group


Apple Fruits 1
Fish Meat 1
Potato Vegetable 1

The approach is to provide ‘Rank’ using ROW_NUMBER to records in each group and get the Top 1 record

Below is the Query

— Create a temporary table with ‘Rank’ column

;WITH TempTbl AS





ORDER BY [Priority] ASC

) AS Rank

FROM [dbo].[Market]


— Select the Rank = 1 records


FROM TempTbl


Rank = 1


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