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How to debug XAML Workflows when invoked remotely

Assume you have a XAML workflow created using WF designer and you trigger this workflow from a console application which is in another server.

Below are the steps to debug

  • Install “Workflow Manager Tools”
  • After installation you can find a folder under “C:\Program Files (x86)\Workflow Manager Tools\1.0”
  • Open “Microsoft.Workflow.TestServiceHost.exe.config” using Visual Studio
  • Make sure all ‘connectionStrings’ pointing to proper Data base.
  • Open “Command Prompt” as Administrator.
  • Point to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Workflow Manager Tools\1.0”, Run the “Microsoft.Workflow.TestServiceHost.exe”
WF Test Service Host

WF Test Service Host

  • Keep the Command Prompt open (i.e., Minimize it)
  • Open the workflow you want debug using Visual Studio
  • Attach below Processes
Attach Processes

Attach Processes

  • Put a break point on the Workflow file
Break Point on WF file

Break Point on WF file

  • Invoke the Workflow from console and you get the breakpoint hit on Workflow.


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