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List of supported plug-in messages by entity in CRM

Have you ever got a requirement to check whether any given Plug-in message is supported by your entity?

To check that quickly, there is an Excel sheet (i.e., Message-entity support for plug-ins.xls) comes with SDK, contain list of supported messages by entity.

Supported Messages List

Supported Messages List


Create an Organization with custom Currency Code as Base Currency

Recently I was creating a new CRM Organization for “Mauritius” Customer and I had to set Base Currency as “Mauritius Rupee (MUR)”.

But MUR currency code was not there in the list of available CRM currency codes.

In these scenarios, we can type the Currency Code, Currency Name and Currency Symbol manually and proceed with Organization creation.

Custom Currency Code

Custom Currency Code

CRM creates a new Custom Currency Code in the back ground for that Organization.


Loading dependent jscript libraries in ribbon button’s execution CRM 2013

In CRM 2011, To load the dependent Jscripts on execution of ribbon button command actions

  • We can add the dependent script as a Library in the “Javascript Command” and pass “isNaN” as Function Name (Refer my existing article)

In CRM 2013, I observed a slight change in the execution w.r.t the order.

The dependent script files has to be ordered before the actual script file.

Dependent script file is not loading if the order of the file next to the actual script file.

Dependent JScripts Order

Dependent JScripts Order

In the above scenario there are 2 “Javascript Command” pointing to different web resources.

The “Javascript Command:isNaN” is my dependent script file hence I put that as 1st command.

Can only generate one of classes or data sets – Error with Xsd.exe tool

I was getting below exception when I try to generate a class file from my XML schema using command (xsd “mySchema.xsd”)

XSD tool - Error

XSD tool – Error

Reason & Fix –

  • Reason is, Xsd tool unable to determine whether to generate Dataset or Class
  • Fix is, pass argument “/c” to generate Class or “/d” to generate Dataset
  • In my case I wanted to get a class so I prepared command (xsd “mySchema.xsd” /c)
XSD tool - generate class

XSD tool – generate class


How to debug XAML Workflows when invoked remotely

Assume you have a XAML workflow created using WF designer and you trigger this workflow from a console application which is in another server.

Below are the steps to debug

  • Install “Workflow Manager Tools”
  • After installation you can find a folder under “C:\Program Files (x86)\Workflow Manager Tools\1.0”
  • Open “Microsoft.Workflow.TestServiceHost.exe.config” using Visual Studio
  • Make sure all ‘connectionStrings’ pointing to proper Data base.
  • Open “Command Prompt” as Administrator.
  • Point to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Workflow Manager Tools\1.0”, Run the “Microsoft.Workflow.TestServiceHost.exe”
WF Test Service Host

WF Test Service Host

  • Keep the Command Prompt open (i.e., Minimize it)
  • Open the workflow you want debug using Visual Studio
  • Attach below Processes
Attach Processes

Attach Processes

  • Put a break point on the Workflow file
Break Point on WF file

Break Point on WF file

  • Invoke the Workflow from console and you get the breakpoint hit on Workflow.


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