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Lead qualify process design changes in UR 12 – CRM 2011

April 30, 2013 2 comments

In UR 12, the lead conversion process has been redesigned. Refer below for lead qualify process before and after UR 12

Lead conversion before UR 12

  • Before UR 12, we have “Qualify” button on Lead ribbon
  • It opens a “Convert Lead” web page, which gives us options to create Contact/Account/Opportunity.
Convert Lead

Convert Lead – Before UR 12

After UR 12

With new design, the “Convert Lead” dialog box no longer appears during lead qualification.

  • We have 2 ribbon buttons (Qualify and Disqualify).
Convert Lead - UR 12

Convert Lead – UR 12

  • The qualify button will automatically create the related Opportunity record based on the customer information entered into the Lead form
  • Associated Contact and Account records will also be automatically created based on the First Name, Last Name, and Company Name field data, respectively
  • If you click disqualify you are able to select the status reason, otherwise if you click qualify the lead will just automatically be qualified.

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