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Debug Plug-ins using “Plug-in Profiler” – CRM 2011

March 22, 2013 3 comments

In CRM, we can debug the plug-ins deployed in “on premise” by following the steps in this article. But it’s always difficult to debug Plug-ins deployed in CRM online.

Now we can debug Plug-in code registered in both online/on premise also using “Plug-in Profiler”.

In CRM 2011, with the SDK 5.0.5 and later releases we got a “Plug-in Profiler” add-in along with Plug-in registration tool.

If you open the Plugin registration tool comes with latest SDK, it would look as below with profiler options.


What all I need to debug, using “Plug-in Profiler”

  •  To debug using “Plug-in Profiler” all you need is
    • Plugin assembly .dll
    • Visual studio
    • Plugin registration tool from latest SDK

How do I use “Plug-in Profiler”

Few more points

  • “Plug-in Profiler” also provides offline debugging option using “Replaying plug-in execution”, it does not require a connection to a CRM server and organization.
  • Support for registering and executing custom workflow activities in the sandbox is new in CRM 2011 UR 12 and the CRM December 2012 Service Update