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How to set 24 or 12 hour time format setting in CRM

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In CRM, if you want show your date time fields with either 24 or 12 hour time formats, we can easily do it with either System settings/ Personal options

System settings :-

You can make the SYSTEM level “Time format” setting by

  • Go to Settings –> Administration –> System settings
  • Go to “Formats” tab; Click on “Customize”
  • Go to “Time” tab
  • Choose the desired “Time Format”
Time formats

Time formats

Time format Notations

  • “H” (Upper case) – 24 hour format
  • “h” (Lower case) –  12 hour format

Personal options :-

You can make the USER level  “Time format” setting by

  • Choose “File –> Options”
Personal settings

Personal Options

  • Follow the same steps as mentioned for system settings

Note : Personal options always overrides System settings