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Increasing attachment file size limit in CRM 2011

November 29, 2012 Leave a comment

In CRM 2011 the default the file size limit is 5,120KB (5MB) i.e., we can attach up to 5 MB file to any record.

We can increase the file size limit up to 32,768KB (32MB) by changing the  “System Settings”

  • Go to Settings –> Administration –> System Settings
  • Go to “Email” tab
  • Change “Maximum file size (in kilo bytes)” value

Increasing File Size Limit


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Found dependency records – Error while solution import in CRM 2011

November 19, 2012 Leave a comment

I was getting the error when I was importing Managed Solution on top of Unmanaged solution

Found 2 dependency records where unmanaged component is the parent of a managed component. First record (dependentcomponentobjectid = {}, type = AttributeMap, requiredcomponentobjectid = {}, type= EntityMap, solution = {})”

Interestingly, I did not get error when I imported Unmanaged solution


  • From the error message I understand error was with “Attribute Maps”
  • This error occur, If there is a custom mapping from an entity outside a managed solution to an entity inside a managed solution, which is not allowed


  • We have to delete existing AttributeMap from the customation.xml file as well as the CRM system
  • Follow resolution steps mentioned in Dynamics CRM Team Blog


OrgDBOrgSettings Tool – CRM 2011

November 11, 2012 Leave a comment

OrgDBOrgSettings tool allows administrators the ability to implement specific updates that were previously reserved for registry implementations.

For example, you can enable/disable below settings

  • Enable/Disable Auto Create Contact On Promote
  • Enable/Disable Smart Matching
  • Resolving the Unique Column Names Error (i.e.,LookupNameMatchesDuringImport)
  • Etc….

The tool is updated with each Update Rollup release and UR 10 tool can be downloaded here (Choose CRM2011-Tools-KB2710577-v2-ENU-amd64.exe)

You need to download the tool and set your CRM server details in the config file and run with command prompt as below



Refer KB article  for usage of the tool and documentation.

Also this useful article  helps to resolve the issues with connections.


Useful CRM tools from CodePlex

November 2, 2012 Leave a comment

Codeplex currently has more than 50 CRM related tools

Below are few very useful tools for CRM development and Administration

  • Role Updater
    • Role Updater makes it easier for CRM 2011 administrators and developers to add or remove privileges to multiple security roles in one operation
    • Download
  • Metadata Document Generator
    • Metadata Document Generator makes it easier for CRM 2011 integrators to generate documentation about entities and attributes metadata.
    • Download
  • View Layout Replicator for CRM 2011
    • View Layout Replicator make it easier for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 customizers to copying the layout of a view and paste it to the layout of other views in the same entity
    • Download
  • Diagnostics Tool
    • Helps CRM developers and administrators to enable trace on CRM server.
    • Generates an HTML report file with information about the CRM deployment
    • Download
  • JavaScript Web Resource Manager
    • Helps to extract javascript web resources to disk, maintain them and import changes back to CRM database
    • Download
  • CRM 2011 Visual Ribbon Editor
    • It lets you edit CRM ribbons.
    • Shows a preview of the CRM ribbon as you are editing it and allows you to easily modify the ribbon without needing to completely understand the underlying XML schema.
    • Download
  • CRM 2011 Maintenance Job Editor Tool
    • It let you edit/reschedule the CRM 2011 maintenance jobs which are automatically scheduled by the installation of CRM
    • Download
  • SiteMap Editor
    • Helps developer and customizers to configure the Site Map in a graphical way.
    • Download
  • Dynamics Xrm Application Speed Builder
    • It will analyze databases, then create the entities, attributes, and forms in CRM for you.
    • Download


Xrm.Utility functions to open Entity forms or Web resources

November 1, 2012 1 comment

In CRM, we can open the entity forms using “” method

  • With UR 8, a couple new client-side JavaScript functions were added to open entity forms and web resources
  • These functions fixes the prompt the user to login again issue when you use “” to open form or web resource from CRM online/Outlook client


The Xrm.Utility object provides a container for useful functions. Following MSDN blog which talks extensively on the same

For quick glance below are few samples

Open a new “Account” record form

Xrm.Utility.openEntityForm(“account”); // Pass ‘Account’ schema name

Open an existing “Account” record form

Xrm.Utility.openEntityForm(“account”,”A85C0252-DF8B-E111-997C-00155D8A8410″); // Pass ‘Account’ schema name & GUID

Open a new “Account” record form and setting default values

var parameters = {};

parameters[“formid”] = “b053a39a-041a-4356-acef-ddf00182762b”;

parameters[“name”] = “Test”;

parameters[“telephone1”] = “(425) 555-1234”;

Xrm.Utility.openEntityForm(“account”, null, parameters);

Open an HTML web resource named “new_webResource.htm”