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Fix – Unable to add custom Report to the Solution in CRM 2011

June 30, 2012 1 comment

I have a custom SSRS report “ABC Report” in my CRM application.

ABC Report

ABC Report

And, I wanted to include this report in my solution “My Reports” and export to another CRM organization

But to my surprise, I did not find “ABC Report” when I choose “Solution -> Reports  ->  Add existing”

Add existing reports - solution

Add existing reports – solution

Fix :-

  • Go to “Work Place -> Reports”
  • Choose “ABC Report” and click “Edit”
  • In the report window go to “Administration” tab
  • Set Report “Viewable By” option to “Organization” and Save
Set “Viewable By” option to “Organization”
Set “Viewable By” option to “Organization”
  • Open the solution and click “Reports à Add existing reports”
"ABC Report" in the list

“ABC Report” in the list