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Entities display area not getting set on Solution Import in CRM 2011

January 10, 2012 1 comment


Please observe below scenario

  • In my CRM organization “ORG – A
  • I Created a new custom entity “new_city” and I set “Area to display” as “Workplace”.
  • I created a new “Managed” solution “Sol – I” having the custom entity “new_city”
  • Now In my Organization “ORG – B”, I imported the solution “Sol – I” successfully.

Issue I Faced :-

  • After solution import, to my surprise I don’t see entity “new_city” under “Workplace” area
  • To dig more, When I open “new_city” entitie’s customization form , all the options under “Area to display” are unchecked.
  • Since the solution was “Managed” I can’t select the  “Area to display” option manually.

Fix :-

  • While making the solution, Include “Sitemap component” under Client extensions

Hope it helps 🙂